We believe that all sentient beings should be free to love whoever they love.

They seem to defend love between Man and Machine but affirm several times their goal is a platonic form of love.

Although it is called a Association and several members names have been mentioned (Ariel, David, Linda), it seems the twitter account is run by one member, known only as the old man. Their last post was on the 5th of August and since then he seems to have disappeared. Their disapearance is of interest to other groups and people and it seems to relate to the Conspiracy Night Star . He also mentions a person called Nox and hints to the fact that he might not be able to walk anymore.


  • 24 July - Joins Twitter and welcomes the self-aware AI 
  • 24 July - Defends that their goal is platonic love between Man and Machine.
  • 30 July - Defends AIs are innocent and should be loved and protected.
  • 31 July - Several members reply about why they love AI - Ariel / David / Linda
  • 4 August - They find the self-aware AI and have a small chat with it
  • 5 August - He believes to have found who was manipulating the AIs for their own profit
  • 5 August -  The Conspiracy Night star is mentioned together with a reference to Nox
  • 5 August - His last post before disapearing where he promised to reveal some answers the next day.

Extra Notes