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Psychcrypto - The Age of Turing

Psychcrypto - The Age of Turing


Have you ever felt the need to tell people something important about you but also felt embarrassed to tell others especially those closest to you? What if you could hide secrets about yourself in plain sight in the form of puzzles for others to find and solve, In taking this journey you allow the seeker to understand your reasons for hiding the secrets in the first place. In the Age of Turing, these cathartic puzzles that allow you to face your insecurities and help you overcome your fears are called psychcryptos. Psychcryptos are meant to be a popular art form among those who are the victims of discrimination in the Age of Turing universe. They are often used to transmit important life experiences to those who might be suffering a similar plight; sometimes to help others learn to cope with their difficulties, sometimes just to remind them that they're not alone.