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From the About Me page - "Hello there,

Welcome to my blog!  My name is Emily Louise Pearlhouse, and Origami Forward is where I keep my daily musings and interesting finds. I love motivating and inspiring others, and I absolutely love origami. In fact, I keep a channel on YouTube where I share fun and interesting facts about origami while teaching how to fold popular and interesting shapes. My goal is to change the world, one fold at a time.

I also love working with kids. I work at the Center of Autistic Robotic Inteaction (CARIN), where I get to assist kids and young adults in the Autistic spectrum learn better communication skills. I love the notion of using technology to help people in need. I look up to Alan Turing, Ada Lovelace, Limor Fried, Maja Mataric, Cynthia Breazeal, Daphne Koller, and other women of computer science working in the field of AI.

I hope you like it here, and you stick around to follow my journey online. Thanks for stopping by!

– Emily


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General Notes

  • Blog started May 5
  • Works at a center dedicated to aiding autistic young people with their communication skills through the usage of robotics
  • inspired to develop an app to further help with their learning progress at home. This app is just an idea that I hope I can eventually bring to life. I can’t exactly code, so I’ve started coding classes.
  • has no car
  • likes Orchids
  • likes being outdoors
  • Regarding work: By definition I am a floater: I go where I am needed.
  • Boss had her go to a gala on June 13 where she runs into Charles J. Conde, named Atlanta’s most eligible bachelor by the most recent issue of ‘Mediation Today’!
  • June 2 - sent an email to a potential sponsor and made the mistake of sending it directly to a higher-up of the company who then promptly informed her that the tone/language of my letter was inappropriate and denied our funding
  • Baking dozens of batches of cookies for my friend’s potluck. 
  • First tutorial video is making a butterfly
  • Cynthia Breazeal came into the Center today to tour the labs and do a talk about the evolution of robotics 
  • Had the privilege of speaking with Maja Mataric on the phone, trying to get her to work at Center
  • POsted July 27 - I’m keeping an eye on all the buzz going around online surrounding the sentient supercomputer that has reached the Internet. We are living in such amazing times!
  • August 3 - Emily writes about finding out One of Abby's closest friends, scratch that, her ONLY friend has recently passed away. 
  • I’ve been meditating and gardening instead. Connecting with the earth
  • Seriously, me?? Cupcake baking, orchids loving, origami folding, coding newbie me?