A list of Organizations and Websites

Anti AI Society


Hacked Website


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Website Link | Twitter | Detailed Dossier | Computers will be denied! AI should NOT be allowed to take over the world!!

CARIN: Center of Autistic Robotic Interaction


Website Link | Detailed Dossier | A non-profit organization that strives to develop technologies that can make life better for autistic individuals through the use of robotics.

Hungry Samurai


Website Link | Detailed Dossier | A software company run by Charles J. Conde .

Moirai Institute


Website Link | Detailed Dossier | The Moirai Institute for Advanced Computational Studies is one of the world’s premier technological research institutions.

Origami Forward


Website Link | Detailed Dossier | Blog run by Emily Pearlhouse


Website | Detailed Dossier | Note from the anonymous re-poster: ...there has always been at least one copy online of the Conspiracy Night Star. It is with honor that I am taking my turn in re-posting this invaluable repository of knowledge.

Robot Love Assoc


Twitter Link | Detailed Dossier | We believe that all sentient beings should be free to love whoever they love.

Zorja site

Website | Detailed Dossier | Created by Krysta and Abigail to showcase their work. Has a number of odd images and puzzles hidden in the site.


  • Acolythi Machinae
  • F-Ron
  • Dishcast
  • LTCM