The Moirai Institute for Advanced Computational Studies is one of the world’s premier technological research institutions of our modern age. Ranked as one of the most exclusive solely research focused academic institutions, we pride ourselves in the quality of our resident researchers, extending out only a handful of invitations each year.

Our state of the art technological facilities are second to no other, encompassing access to the best computational equipment, many private study rooms, and a handful of fully equipped working labs. In addition, our peaceful living quarters in our new research building facilities have been recently optimized and highly automated to provide for all our resident researchers’ needs with the least possible distractions.

Located near The Chattahoochee National Forest in southern South Carolina, The Moirai Institute campus encompasses over a thousand acres of secluded forest ideal for hiking and meditation. Our grounds, perfectly designed by top horticulturists to promote inspiration and much needed space for thinking, are optimal for generating key intellectual breakthroughs.

The original Moirai mansion, architecturally inspired by Bletchley Park, is home to an impressive collection of items connected to the great mathematician and Artificial Intelligence pioneer Alan Turing.


  • 2003 - Founded
  • 2015 - Launch of their Twitter bot - Moiraibot

Extra Notes

  • Moirai is the name given to the greek figures of Fate. They are normally 3 of them like the ones in the Institute logo
Schadow Grabmal Alexander 2
  • In the page for their founder Elan Moirai the letter a i Moirai links to this page
Story moirai
  • Although in 'Our Mission' is said that the institute is located near The Chattahoochee National Forest in southern South Carolina, this forest is really placed in northern Georgia.
  • Also, at the end of 'Our Mission' page, text last word is 'verboten' (in German), which means forbidden.
  • Moirai Website header photo seems to be from one of the Bletchley Park buildings (the central site of the United Kingdom's Government Code and Cypher School (GC&CS) during WWII). Slideshow images are still not located.