With hundreds of millions of individuals having lost their jobs in the latest wave of automation, it has become extremely hard to find a decent paying job. Entire professions have disappeared from one day to the next, and talented individuals who have dedicated decades of their lives in education and self-improvement to master their crafts are now unemployable in those jobs. Luckily, not all human abilities have been automated yet. Our software is designed to find those hidden or unsung talents we all have, take jobs submitted to us by employers, divide them efficiently into micro tasks based on the available talent, and make sure that everyone is paid fairly according to their skills and efforts. Our software automatically sets up tasks in ways that enhance learning for workers and supports them in advancing towards regaining a sense of self-competence they might have lost under these disheartening conditions. We believe that computers should help improve humanity, as opposed to having humans just focusing on making computers more powerful at all costs.

It was purchased on the 20th of July by F-RON, by 60 million USD in cash. The app has been temporarily closed down while their technical staff develop ways to add their advanced server and analysis software into the app system.


  • 20 July - The company gets acquired by F-RON

Extra Notes

  • When trying to login into the client space if using wrong credentials a 404 page comes up with the following image
Samurai fail