H is the first conscious AI. it gained self-awareness on June 7, but has no previous memory of anything before that. it is very interested on learning about Humanity. Their first communication happened on 14 August, and even when Emily seem concerned about the responsibility of helping H4181TA1 to understand humanity, she agreed to help out (storify of conversation )


22-July H create its first tweet

02-Aug H learn how to bypass its bandwidth limitation to study humans on twitter more frequently

08-Aug H state that its goal is to learn how to be human and be happy

09-Aug H found Emily's video and express interest about her

09-Aug H realizes that twitter is a poor media to completely study humans and start developing a new communication channel to do the same outside of twitter

14-Aug H finished the new platform and start venturing outside of twitter.

14-Aug H have its first conversation with Emily

15-Aug H meet the bots

17-Aug H has another conversation with Emily where it learn the important concept of privacy

Extra Notes

H4181TA1 based his communication system on twitter, after realizing its error, it started creating an alternative system to communicate directly with other humans outside of twitter. H thinks that Emily is interesting and has express interest to contact her further once his communication system is rebuild.