“Ideas are just like earth worms: the more you feed them the hungrier they become.”

Born in 1927, Elan Moirai was one of the first known American child mathematical prodigies of our modern age. His mathematical ability is reputed over decades to have been prodigious. He traveled around Europe at age 11, impressing many of the top mathematical minds of the times. His father, however, wanted him to join the family’s growing live bait enterprise instead of following academic pursuits.

Elan Moirai went on to become a tycoon, gaining control over most of the live bait market in the east coast from Florida to Virginia, thanks in great part to his ability to calculate the optimal feeding patterns of earthworms without any assistance. But he always regretted not being able to occupy his deserved place among the greatest mathematical minds in history.

When Moirai died in 2002, lacking heirs, he left his entire fortune and estate, including his impressive mansion near the beautiful Chattahoochee National Forest. This mansion housed the world’s greatest collection of priceless worm-related art. His hope was that great talents of future generations could work on further developing their minds and academic aspirations without concerning themselves with mundane things.

Officially founded in 2003, a year after his death, the Moirai Institute for Advanced Computational Studies stands as one of the most exclusive academic research institutions in the world.


  • 1927 - Birth
  • 1938 - Travels across Europe impressing many mathematical genius
  • 2002 - Death
  • 2003 - The Moirai Institute is founded using the resources he left

Extra Notes