CARIN (Center of Autistic Robotic Interaction) is a non-profit organization that strives to develop technologies that can make life better for autistic individuals through the use of robotics.

Focusing on communication development, our highly talented researchers, programmers, and robotics engineers are developing new tools and techniques to ensure effective responses and a better quality of life, while applying automation technology to minimize the costs associated with human interaction and care.


The website sems to be split in 4 pages



In the source of the about us the following text can be found in the section of Robert Spinks "how many more innocent people must suffer and die so that we humans can keep (wrongly) believing that we are competent enough to run humanity fairly"



In the source or even looking at the text some random letters can be seen among the text . Putting them in order they spell out rise AI.  This leads to the riseai page and eventually the first step in the riseai puzzle


Extra Notes

  • They seem to be the ones behind the attack of the Anti AI Society website
  • If you locate all the red letter on the About Us section, you will find this website, it contains 3 puzzles to solve.
    • Puzzle 1
    • Puzzle 2
    • Puzzle 3
  • Once solved, and sent back to Carin following the instructions, you will receive the following letter.