From the Age of Turing Site - Seventeen-year-old orphan, Abigail, is not your typical high school dropout. Aside from juggling two menial jobs, dodging bullies, and avoiding eviction, Abigail spends most of her days obsessing over a computational theory problem. A problem so complex, most university professors with massive computers at their disposal would fail to grasp: how to create network-hybrid intelligence. While consumed by the idea of creating an immensely powerful system that could combine the total computational power of computers and humans, Abigail struggles with the fact that she doesn't have any actual human friends. Her autism makes it extremely challenging for her to understand social interactions, even over the internet. Fueled by the promise to her recently departed best friend, and desperate to make ends meet, Abigail pursues a seed grant to continue with her research. To her joyful surprise Abigail gets the endowment, only to discover through an enigmatic supercomputer the strange nature of her benefactors. 

 Mentioned in the email from CARIN received when solving the riseai puzzles: “Abigail Escada is a person of great importance for the future of us all. Find her whereabouts and help her in any way you can. However, under no circumstance should you disclose our existence or how you have gained this information.” 


??? - Her best and only friend pass away

Aug 03 - Emily Present her on a post on her blog

Aug 17 - Emily is concerned by the amount of people asking for her and decide to take her home

Aug 17 - She wake up crabby.

Aug 18 - She get the scholarship for the Moirai Institute

Extra Notes

While in the Moirai Institute, ABigail began using the Moirai Twitter bot to communicate -