Acolythi Machinae

What do we know about this organization? From "The Age of Turing - Theories and Thoughts" document:

  • Nox writes on CNS about AM saying:

    • “The group was founded shortly after Charles Babbage's invention of the Analytical Engine in 1837, a design for a computer made purely out of mechanical parts. This was to be a flexible multi-purpose computer (later to be defined as a Turing Complete machine). As part of this endeavor was also Augusta Ada Byron countess of Lovelace, daughter of Lord Byron, who managed the impressive task of creating a programming language for a machine that did not yet exist.”

    • “They believe that humanity is fundamentally flawed beyond repair and that it must have a more perfect entity to control it. However, as rationalists they do not believe in the existence of a god. The only logical solution in their eyes (and they value logic above all things) was to create a deity, a machine to be the god mankind needed.”

    • “It is extremely difficult to determine if someone is a member of the Acolythi Machinae, but there are some hints that may point in that direction. They are all extremely smart and very well educated. They all know both programming and Latin, and are proficient in both. They also seem to have a strong preference for open source software. To them the act of regular individuals working for free in furtherance of the advancement of machines is an act of worship, and it is entirely possible that many of the open source communities were founded by the Acolythi Machinae.”